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The real estate sector has proved to be one of the most fruitful and steady forms of investment over the years, particularly for high-net-worth individuals, to build their assets and wealth. Despite the popularity of apartments in the urban areas of the city, plotted development projects have successfully witnessed a fair share of traction in the last few years. In fact, due to their high returns and lower investment cost, plotted development projects are becoming increasingly attractive for investors. These projects are now the fastest-growing investment option, and they come in a variety of forms, including gated community plotsresidential lands for sale, and residential plots for sale, among others.

If you are planning on making a real estate investment, here’s why purchasing a plot of land should be on top of your list.

  1. Low capital investment: The most significant benefit of purchasing a residential plot is the low cost of ownership. A plot of land has a low entry ticket size, which means that even young investors can buy them without any financial constraints. The cost of development of the site is considerably lesser than purchasing a completed home. This is due to the lower selling price, and the fact that many sites and projects are on the outskirts, where land is available for sale at attractive and inexpensive prices.
  2. Greater appreciation in land value: The most appealing aspect of real estate investments are that they almost always guarantee to increase in value. In recent times, land has appreciated at a considerably quicker rate than residential property like apartments or villas. The value of land is also influenced by the surrounding infrastructure in the area and hence improvements in the latter will inevitably result in an increase in the former.
  3. Faster handover with minimum risk: The delivery of a plotted development project is quick since these are individual plots of land with minimum development required. When purchasing a home that is still under construction, buyers must wait until it is completely finished before taking ownership. With a plot of land, there is almost no chance of a delay.
  4. Lower Property Tax: Property tax is a regular expense that all property owners must account for, regardless of whether you own a house or a piece of land. The property tax on a piece of land is however substantially lower than that on a house.
  5. Easy to sell: Traditionally, land is known to always be in demand. The resale of a plot is easier and assures faster liquidation that any other residential property. Hence, the future will always provide a higher value for a piece of land.
  6. Freedom of design & Innovation: With a plotted development, the buyer has the freedom to design a house as per the family’s needs and wants. Since the owner is in charge of the design, construction and development, there are lesser risks involved in the execution. One is likely to be free from additional costs and delays as well.
  7. Provision of amenities: Nowadays, developers are offering plotted development projects through integrated townships located in the outskirts of a city. These properties are home to an array of luxurious amenities, including swimming pools, clubhouses, gyms, gardens, jogging tracks, and more. The provision of such enticing features eliminates the need of stepping out of the property to indulge & spend some quality time with your family.
  8. Embrace a community style of living: Living in a community allows residents to work together to develop a sense of togetherness and hence lead a cohesive lifestyle. Plotted development projects are centred around close-knit communities and provide a sense of belonging and social well-being.

Investing in a plotted development project is always a profitable future speculation. It provides you with a level of security and profit that no other investment can match. If you are looking for the best plotted development project in Bangalore, visit Sammy’s Dreamland projects- Beverly Hills & Palm Hills in North Bangalore. These projects offer world class amenities, picturesque views and high standards of living while maintaining an urban connect to the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in Sammy’s Dreamland today, and safeguard your future tomorrow!

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