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Sammyʼs Dreamland Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based real estate firm with a diverse project portfolio founded in 1997 by Sammy Nanwani.

Sammyʼs Dreamland is nurtured by a team of the finest and most experienced professionals across India, United Arab Emirates and the USA. We strive to maintain high standards in the implementation of framework, timely delivery of projects and customer satisfaction. Each team member brings to the company years of expertise, innovative ideas, and intelligent solutions, thus creating an enthralling value in our service.


01 Theme Park

The company’s first venture was an adventure
theme park inspired by Disneyland,
which debuted in 2003.


02 Film Production

Produced films like Shakeela & Luv U Alia.

03 Real Estate

Mr. Nanwaniʼs vision to develop land into a luxurious escape for lucrative customers is now taking shape. Today, several bespoke villas, row houses, and luxury apartments are standing tall, on the most celebrated lands of North Bangalore.

04 Furniture

Sammyʼs Luxury Furniture, a premium furniture brand offering top end designs, styles, and collections from across the globe. We have 3 flagship showrooms located inInfantry Road, Banaswadi and Yelahanka respectively.


Implementation is a challenge that is only simplified with intensive planning. With each project, we strive to deliver features that are convenient & full proof to enhance the lives of our customers.This is what lays the foundation of our business proposition.

All our projects promise top-notch quality & international standards embellished with luxurious amenities and high-end specifications. It is an opportunity for the elite community in Bangalore to embrace a lifestyle of extravagance and secure an investment for a prosperous future!